My boyfriend has been my boyfriend 3 different times. My parents never knew the first 2 times. I don't know if I will attend college. I have been accepted to at least 5 colleges. I have lived in 3 different houses. I have been assualted. I have siblings whom hate/love me. I own a pet named Ginerva (after Ginny Weasley). I sing when I am happy. I cry too much. I have inflicted harm upon myself, although I did stop. I drink when I get angry. I have cheated on my boyfriends. I have been cheated on. I have hurt people I cared about. I have put myself in questionable positions. I have told the truth. I have lied. I have loved and lossed. I am in love, I think. I want a wedding that is perfect. I want my first time with the guy I marry to be perfect. I want 2 children. A girl named Grace and a boy named Warren. I want a new life. I want to change my name. I want to escape my home. I want to runaway from my parents. I want so much, but have so little. I believe I am bipolar. I am manic depressed. I have seen a shrink. I have broken all the rules. I have changed myself.

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