Pretty girl, it's your show, let it go, when you're alone
Lips sealed tight, don't say goodnight
It's no debate, when I think of you can't stay on track
Cause I can't wait, can't stay on track can't hide the fact
You're all I want, you're all I need, let's get this party started, kick it hard just you and me
There's a party in your bedroom all night long


Maybe not your bedroom but you get the point right? Not really. I’m not that kind of girl quite honestly. If I was then maybe my boyfriend would lay off.  I’m confused about taking the next step. I feel kinda trapped right now. If I don’t do it then maybe I will maintain some self-respect, but I would most likely lose him. If I do it then I will lose all self-respect and I will satisfy him. I just can’t win. I wish I could just be okay with doing anything with anyone. I wish I could be promiscuous and not care. I wish I could be free and fine but I can’t. I get too attached and then I am screwed. No one wants a girl who can stay unattached. No one.

--Party In Your Bedroom-Cash Cash--

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