Yes, I just owned your sorry sexist ass.  I am pissed off. You can shove it because girls know just as much as guys do. Just because we aren't the "conventional" mechanics doesn't mean that we can't talk cars. Yeah I want a '69 Mustang. Thats all I know but other girls know a crap load more. I am ticked! Can you tell? I hate being judged by my sex. I was born a girl, I am sorry that I was sometimes because people still treat me differently. It sucks because I don't usually show sexist views. If I have anything to say that is sexist its probably that MALES ARE SEXIST PIGS!
Ally out!
By now everyone who reads this post will know who I am talking about. Ke$ha the artist is a trainwreck. I feel like that after today. Nothing went right. And I am not even overreacting. I hate my life so much. I feel like being reckless and partying. But everytime I think of a party I think of the last one I heard about and how it ended with me in tears on my birthday. I hate people who think so little of me. Its crap to lie to someones face. I had an amazing best friend last year who knew every secret my heart held. But this year she forfeited any right to even look at me. I hate her and how she chose someone else over me. I hate how she knew before I did that I would be left brokenhearted. I hate that she called to boast. I hate that she decided to text my sister crude things. I hate how she made me want to end my life on a day that was meant to celebrate my life. I hate her. Every time I get a glance of her,  my arms go rigid and I feel the depression seep into my pores. I get all hot and prickly and I lose what makes me strong. I lose everything when I see that after she hurt me she got to laugh when I didn't laugh for over a month because the pain was unbearable. Yeah, she did this to me. After he did that to me.  I hated them both. But then I realized that I needed him to survive. He is my lifeline and my best friend. She was only a girl who lied,
Okay, so those of you who don't know me, might never but you'll know my problems. First off I just want to put up a disclaimer and say that I didn't do this but it happens and you have to deal. Ever been to Well here is a story worthy of this. Guy is dating Girl who has a best friend, Dude. Girl asks Guy to send dirty pictures to her. He accidentally sends them to Dude. Dude downloads pictured labeled "Mmmmm". Believe me when I say that if you are not expecting pictures and pictures labeled "Mmmmm" show up, DON'T DOWNLOAD THEM. Chances are that they might be of certain said Guy in a pose that Dude wouldn't want to see. It is awkward and sad, and quite funny because the most upset person is Dude. Guy is okay with it because he has nothing to be ashamed of and Girl is just hysterical, Dude is scarred for life.




We all have that one friend, the one who is sickly thin or huge. Yes I am talking about the ones who look like straws! Well not all of the skinny people have an eating disorder but some do. Even average sized people have eating disorders. I am not proud to admit this but I have a hate-hate relationship to food. It's unhealthy to hate food as much as I hate food. As I write this I am reading a book about an ED Therapy Center "Purge" by Sara Littman. Its the most accurate story of an ED. As I read "Wintergirls" another book about ED's. My parents are unaware of my relationship with food but I figure it will be better if given time. Yes I am recovering but after having an ED for around 4 years I know I need to get better and quick.
 I am crying. Which I thought was impossible since I had that surgery to remove my tearducts. My boyfriend is a jerk. Yes, I know I love him but he is a raging jerk who can't understand the world no. I hate the fact that I get all excited to see him and then all the time is devoted to him trying to steal kisses while I try to hold a real conversation. Ex-cuhuh-use me for wanting to talk to you!
Maybe I won't jump his bones right now but I want to one day.